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Management Insight | Dashboards

  • Objective

    To better steer the business and distribution channel by providing in-depth knowledge and performance metrics on the Server, Information Worker and Client products within the OEM Group.

    To improve the local Marketing Managers’ knowledge of their local market and channel in order to support better decision-making of strategies to grow the business and deploy marketing funds.

  • Solution

    • Channel Marketing Dashboard: designed and developed a dashboard which offers a clear, accurate and timely method for gaining sufficient insight into the key channel marketing performance indicators to support decision-making at multiple organizational levels (subsidiary, area, region).
    • Reporting Service: created a relational reporting tool which allowed for the query of data from multiple data sources (sales, partner program, web analytics) into to monitor business and product performance and overall health of the channel.
  • Results

    • Turned Data into Knowledge – Business Groups use the dashboards in their monthly and quarterly business review to help steer their business and support their decision-making process.
    • Increased Market Intelligence and Channel Insight – transformed the business data into user friendly and easy to comprehend information, quality of the standard reporting increased, allowing for better insight into market trends, performance, and the impact of marketing campaigns.