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Our Approach

Engagement Model

Clients want to know the outcome of a project before it starts. At qurus, before we engage with clients, there needs to be a clear goal and defined measurable impact before we take-on any assignment. The manner in how we engage is based on three models:

  • Resource (based on effort) – we can offer excellent consultants to fill a role within your organisation, provide additional capacity, or add expertise. Often we are engaged as Project Managers, Campaign Managers, or in coordination roles. Our pricing is based on time and materials in the form of an hourly rate.
  • Projects (based on results) – we share the risk with our clients and prefer to work with tangible deliverables and a defined start/finish. Our pricing is based on deliverables in the form of a flat or fixed rate.
  • Discrete Services (based on annuity) – a number of projects evolve into ‘repeatable’ services in which we can provide an ongoing service. Our pricing is based on an annuity model in the form of a subscription rate over time.

The Challenge

As market forces change and competition intensifies, it becomes increasingly more complex for organizations to summon up and co-ordinate resources to effectively deal with new challenges in an organized manner. To help you ‘see the trees through the forest’ and ensure that your ambition is executed effectively, our approach has three key starting points.

We work with clients, not for them

We clearly understand the difference between consulting and contracting. Our role is not to replace, but to compliment managers and their organisation. Collaborating with our clients throughout engagements, we build support, ensure momentum, and reach workable solutions that will have real impact.

We take a Management Perspective

First we focus on issues of concern to senior and middle management. Then we give managers practical, hands-on recommendations that we enable them to successfully negotiate their way through complexity. We help our clients define results in a way that ensures buy-in from their own organization.

Work in a Structured and Controlled Environment

Our engagements are structured and conducted in a controlled environment. Projects have a beginning and an end. Objectives are laid-out, risks are known, and the end result is defined. In this manner, clients have a total “Delivery Experience” and are assured that the solution is understood and the results are measurable.