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Who is qurus?

Committed to each other’s success

Your career at qurus is what you make of it. The work is challenging and success depends on two things alone – your leadership and your impact. Advancement is solely based on the merit of your results and the achievement of goals that you set-out for yourself within the firm.

A culture of support

  • Realise Your Potential – our supportive team structure will provide you with ongoing coaching and support. We hold knowledge sessions and team meetings to discuss market trends and debate the latest organizational thinking.
  • Shared Experience – we depend on colleagues around the world, even those we’ve never met, to offer expertise and to share insights. We conduct joint projects between offices and manage world-wide rollouts of programmes for clients; allowing us to have employee exchanges between geographic regions.
  • Distinctive Community - our people come from many different countries and backgrounds. But they all share intellectual curiosity and a passion for results. We organise quarterly company meetings to share results and best practices.

A culture of personal growth

  • Forward Thinking – our people approach is future focused, meaning all employees are encouraged to have self-determination and are rewarded for achieving their own defined goals. All employees are involved each year in the goal setting process of each office’s company and team scorecards.
  • Balanced Approach – we use the Balanced Scorecard as a tool to help employees define various aspects on how they can contribute to the company and ensure their personal growth. Each employee is individually mentored with a number of feedback moments per year. Partner time is set aside and dedicated to listen to feedback from all levels of the organization.
  • Ongoing Education – new employees receive training focused on their functional discipline as well as qurus’ foundation course. We also offer practitioner level training per functional discipline combined with intense leadership training for our more experienced professionals.