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People busy with self-improvement

Who we look for?

As consultants, we are interested in people who possess strong leadership skills, intellectual vigour, personal integrity, interest with technology, and analytical skills. As technologists, we are interested in people who possess deep technical skills, a profound sense of accountability, organisational talent, and good communication skills. There's no right background, school, or degree.

We are proud of our firm's broad appeal as a place for talented people to grow. We strive to have high standards and are good only because our employees are good – supported by a culture of open feedback and continual self-improvement.

Character - our consultants are well rounded with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We expect our future colleagues to have a university degree or proven work experience. The dynamism of the company comes from the fun we create as colleagues.

Talent – success, both as an individual and as a consultant, is a question not simply of education and training, but primarily of attitude. We seek individuals with passion who can apply diverse skill-sets and create the ‘wow’ effect.

Diversity – We thrive from the opportunity to work in different environments and work with other cultures across the globe. We look for people who embrace the importance of cultural sensitivity in business and are multi-lingual.

We offer opportunities around the world to make impact with the next generation of businesses and technologies that are being built today. We are working towards a future in which everyone’s potential can be fulfilled.

Opportunities for Professionals

At the moment, we are recruiting for Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Channel Marketing Professionals, and Network IT Specialists.

We can be found on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/companies/qurus) and a number of online HR recruitment websites. Go to the respective site, type in the search box ‘qurus’, see if there are opportunities in your region.

Opportunities for Leaders (Equity Owners)

We have an international growth strategy resulting from our clients asking us to scale and support them in a more globalised environment. The combination of our market focus and existing clients has led to us to make a clear choice for growth as our key strategy for the coming years. We are looking to expand from our home basis in Vancouver, Leiden, and Dubai.

We seek to recruit leaders (owners) to establish new offices to support our clients directly. This is a unique opportunity for experienced professionals who are looking for a fresh challenge or to make a greater impact. The successful candidates will be expected to chart overall strategy for the local office, commercially engage with clients and international partners, and grow the local team.

The candidate must demonstrate proven success in business development, leading teams, and working in an international environment. The candidate should also have experience in mobilizing funding, people, and resources to achieve goal-focused targets and have excellent campaign and communication skills.

The path to success is partnership and equity in one of the most dynamic consulting firms at the moment. If you want to share the experience of adventure, then apply to: work@qurus.com referring to Leaders and International Expansion.