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Global Scale

If you accept the world is flat, then you accept competition has become a level playing field. At qurus, we embrace this view and as you roll-over the map of our clients, you can see that even though we are a small consulting firm, we have global reach in over 20 countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our key clients are global in nature and many of our projects require scale, involving a multi-country perspective. This is why we have developed scalable solutions that can be managed remotely from different time-zones. On an individual level, many consultants enjoy the personal adventure of travel and working with different cultures and business personalities.

Currently, we have three “Bases”. Our "European Home Base" is in Abingdon (United Kingdom), and we have associates working out of Nairobi (Kenya), and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). These serve the local clients but also act as a springboard to operate in the surrounding regions. Our focus for the coming years is to grow the business in each location as a full service cell delivering our core services tailored to, and knowledgeable of the local market.

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