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Process Integration | Case Management

  • Objective

    In their fight against Youth Crime, Justice officials, Police Departments, Youth Council case workers and local government came together to form an integrated and targeted approach for information sharing called Judicial Case Management.

    Objective of the project was to improve the quality of decision-making and treatment of individual cases by providing all historically relevant and up-to-date information on a ‘per-case’ basis during periodic Judicial Case Management meetings.

  • Solution

    • Architecture – Managed the definition and development of an online information support system, based on Internet technology.
    • Secure Infrastructure – Provided a secure infrastructure and mechanism for exchanging case information for all judicial stakeholders involved.
    • Maintenance Organization Setup - Embedded the Information Management for regional maintenance & support of the information support system within the Police organization.
  • Results

    The JCO support system was made operational within the region of Rotterdam-Rijnmond as a pilot for the nation-wide roll-out of Judicial Case Management.

    • Better decision-making by providing and sharing complete and correct (historical) case information (previously in ‘silos’ of different organizational databases) between all parties on an per case basis.
    • More effective treatment of individual cases in fighting and preventing Youth Crime.