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Deployment | C2000

  • Objective

    C2000 is an integrated and secure Digital Communications Network with national coverage for all Emergency Services in The Netherlands (Police, Fire, and Ambulance Services).

    Objective of this project was to select, to procure, and to deploy all devices across various governmental departments, including co-ordination with Port Authorities (portable/car radio’s, pagers, enhancers) for one of the largest and most complex ‘security’ regions in Europe > Rotterdam-Rijnmond.

  • Solution

    • Managed a European-wide tender process for devices and support for the combined regional Emergency Services.
    • Coordinated a structured roll-out of over 10,000 communication devices (including the mounting of +800 devices in vehicles).
    • Created the Playbook for Information Management on all devices for regional maintenance & support.
  • Results

    C2000 Network was made operational with the implementation with a nation-wide disaster excercise (Operation Safe Harbour) to test national coverage and inter-governmental co-ordination.

    • Lowered the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by unifying equipment and centralizing maintenance and support costs for government.
    • Increased Interoperability between service departments with a single infrastructure and command and control system.
    • Faster response time with an integrated network and centralised dispatch center, response times dramatically improving.
    • Secure Channels improved performance in secure environment with increased bandwidth using multiple digital frequencies.